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Beautiful Pontremoli, Tuscany
Beautiful Pontremoli, Tuscany

We are an established business working in and around Lunigiana, North Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna  for the past 10 years.

We have experienced teams in building as well as, pool maintenance and garden maintenance teams.We also have proven experience in project management of small and large projects.

Our Italian native speaker and our expat English speaker can help you through the, sometimes, complicated Italian burocracy or simply with your amenities (gas, electricity companies...).

Our contacts within the building, the legal, the design and the engineering industry will always guarantee you a perfect job.





We provide a full range of options such as large renovations, house, pool and garden maintenance but also cleaning services for your rentals as well as advice on most matters concerning your home.


'We believe in giving the best service possible to our customers'. No delays no excuses!

Who we are

We arrived from Great Britain to Lunigiana, Pontremoli, in 2004. Straight away, Colin started to work with the "expats"on their homes as well as his own! Little bit at the time the business increased in requests and in reputation.This year

Lunigiana Services will be 10!

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