Hints and advice....

If your boiler fails to work, especially if you have been away for a while.

1. Check the water and gas on (seems obvious but it can slip your mind)

2. Check that the bar pressure is between 1 and 2 bar, normally the valve to allow water into the resevoir is situated under the boiler casing, turn slowly until you hear the sound of water hissing, watch the dial it should rise, stop when it reaches the correct bar pressure for your boiler.' If you over fill ',this is easily fixed. Open one of your radiator bleed valves located at the opposite side to the regulater. This will reduce the pressure in the system.

3. If the boiler switches on them goes off after a short while this could be. (A) The external exhaust pipe is blocked or

(B) Check you have gas in your tank and that your bills are up to date (easy to forget)if you are not always there.

4. If you do have a loss of pressure it could be because you have been away for a long time and the water in the system has lost pressure naturally or you have a small leak in one of your radiators. Check them all by running your finger around each joint, if it is wet, take a spanner and tighten the nut, this should be enough to stop the leak.

5. some of our customers have a check list, especially if your home is let out. This is a good idea, as it can save a call out for a relativly easy fix.





If your home is left unattended  for a lengthy period of time, here are some steps you may want to consider.

1. Drain your water system, even in summer. If you have a leak it can cause a huge amount of damage even if it is only a small drip.

This is easy to do. Close off the main stop cock, open all your taps until the water stops coming out,  remember to turn them off again when drained. Don't forget to flush the loo. In winter it is possible for the cistern to freeze.

2. Ask a neighbour to take your mail.

3. Ensure all your amenity bills are up to date, direct debit is the easiest option (make sure you have enough funds in your bank to cover them) you also have the option to pay on line.(easy to set up)

4. Have a neighbour check your home, especially after a storm or exceptionaly bad weather.





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